What is Halal?


The definition of halal means lawful or permitted in shariah law. So essentially, halal foods mean any foods that are allowed to be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law. For any food to be considered halal, it must comply with the religious ritual and observance of Islamic Sharia law.

It does not contain banned items that Muslims cannot eat, such as pork or alcohol, and has been produced on machines that have been cleansed according to Islamic Sharia law.

Halal Slaughter

In the case of live animals, to be halal certified the animal must be facing Mecca, have its throat cut while still alive and then ritually sacrificed by a Muslim who recites a prayer dedicating the slaughter to Allah. Which means the LIVESTOCK has been slaughtered in observance and by a ritual of the Islamic law.

The opposite of halal is haram (forbidden).

Food can be forbidden in Islam if it includes:

  • blood
  • alcohol
  • meat or any products from a forbidden animal, including pigs and any carnivorous animals or birds of prey
  • meat or any products of an animal which has not been slaughtered in the correct manner in the name of Allah

Under Islamic law (sharia) it is permissible (halal) to consume items that would otherwise be termed haram so long as it is a matter of survival and not just an act of disobedience.

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