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* Quality Policy

Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA)  is the legal entity responsible for halal certification activities.

Quality will pervade Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA)’s technical, operational and service delivery process. Our quality service culture is characterized by client focus and continuous improvement in all we do.

The delivery of quality service shall be the focus of everyone at Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA) As we achieve success in the long-term pursuit of quality, our people will strive to:

  • Meet client needs and exceed client expectations
  • Respond quickly and wisely to rapid changes in the business environment and changing client needs.
  • Attract and retain clients by being best–in–class.

To ensure continuing success of the quality initiative, our leadership will:

  • Maintain an absolute, proactive and long-term commitment to client focussed, continuous service improvement.
  • Understand the concepts, be familiar with the tools and encourage techniques that enable us to fully integrate client focussed continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • Acceptance of accountability and responsibility for delivering our services correctly and professionally.
  • Making every effort to follow all agreed customer, accreditation and statutory requirements
  • Continual monitoring and reporting of our service quality and performance indicators
  • Recognition of individuals in our organisation who demonstrate excellence or innovation in what they do.
  • Act as role models for the quality values of Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA)
  • Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA) has formulated an Impartiality committee for ensuring strict adherence to laid down impartiality norms and for reviewing of the norms on a time to time basis.

Our quality objectives are to:

  • Deliver services to our clients consistently, reliably, efficiently, on time and on budget
  • Resolve client, employee and supplier queries promptly and in a friendly manner.
  • Give our clients the utmost confidence in our capability and professionalism and in our ability to deliver the agreed services.

To achieve these objectives, we shall act to:

Ensure high levels of peer review and management oversight in all operational aspects.

  • Continually engage all stakeholders, especially clients and employees, in meaningful consultation and communication.
  • Measure our performance and use this information for the continual improvement of our services and management system.
  • Ensure ongoing professional development and learning at work

Our Quality Policy is applicable to all employees and to any person or organisation that represents us in the conduct of their activities for and on our behalf. It expresses the ongoing commitment by Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA) Certification’s management and staff to understand, regularly review and continually implement these actions.

The Chairman, Management, Staff and Subcontractors of Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA) are fully committed to providing all our clients and potential clients with a service that fully meets their requirements.


* Confidentiality

All information received by or available to Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA) staff, subcontractors or committee members (in whatever format) received in conducting evaluation activities, or during other certification activities, or during any dealings with an organisation for any other reason shall be regarded as strictly confidential and shall not be divulged to any 3rd party without the express permission of the organisation or individual concerned. The requirement to keep confidential any information will also include any organisation that has a legitimate right to evaluation or inspect AHAA.

Where AHAA is required by law to release confidential information to a third party the client or individual concerned shall, unless regulated by law, be notified in advance of the information provided.

However, where the organisation is seen to be operating contrary to legal requirements or has operating practices which pose a danger to staff, customers or the environment AHAA reserves the right to immediately report any such incident to the relevant authority. Any such reporting will only be undertaken with the permission of a Managing Director.

* Impartiality

Australian Halal Authority and Adviser (AHAA) its Chairman, Managers, Staff, Subcontractors and other stakeholders involved in the certification process fully understands the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Certification activities. AHAAwill therefore ensure that in all its dealings with Clients or potential Clients all employees or other personnel are and will remain impartial.

AHAA Halal Certification, its directors, managers, staff and others involved in the auditing and certification of organisations fully understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out its Halal Certification activities and the importance of managing any conflict of interests and ensuring the objectivity of its certification activities.

AHAA does not:

  • pursue or plan to pursue business activities, which could jeopardize impartiality
  • advertise certification/auditing services, which could affect impartiality
  • employ personnel that may affect impartiality.
  • cater to clients where there would be a breach of impartiality

Consequently, in order to best manage these guiding principles, AHAA Halal Certification:

  • Has an Impartiality Committee, consisting of independent members representing AHAAs’ key interests, that will advise on matters of impartiality and AHAA’s management undertakes to act on the findings of their reviews.
  • Prohibits its auditors from participating in the audit of any organization to which they have done consultancy or training (other than professionally registered auditor training), or they had any financial or commercial interest for a minimum period of 2 years prior to the date of application of the organization for registration
  • Ensures that when allocated a particular contract, Audit staff, whether employed or contracted, shall not disclose or discuss any detail; before or after the audit; to any member of staff other than their direct Management or other members of the team, as required by their conditions of employment or contracted engagement.
  • Prohibits its own employees from engaging in consultancy, which may involve the active design, generation or implementation of Halal Compliance.
  • Ensures that all directly employed Management and Staff are required to declare all financial interests or business activities that may present conflicts of interest with AHAA’s certification activities on commencement and during the period of employment.
  • Is responsible for, and retains absolute authority for decisions relating to certification, including the granting, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawal of certification.
  • Conducts an assessment, at least once in a year, on both actual and potential risks to AHAA’s impartiality which is reviewed by the impartiality committee.

AHAA management undertakes to abide by these guidelines in all AHAA activities and also actively review and audit internal operations to ensure these guiding principles are understood and adhered to by the whole organisation.

* Anti-Discrimination Statement

AHAA, its Chairman, Managers, Staff and other stakeholders involved in the certification process will ensure all transactions are carried out fairly and without prejudice or discrimination.

  AHAA will ensure:

  • Procedures are in place thought the application process to maintain fair treatment of the applications
  • That our services are accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within the scope of our certificationschemes.
  • That the Certification process is not impacted by the client size, membership of any association or group, number of certifications already issued, Political views, Financial position

AHAA management undertakes to abide by these guidelines in all our activities and also actively review and audit internal operations to ensure these guiding principles are understood and adhered to by the whole organisation.

AHAA preserves the right to decline applications or maintain certification if the client is involved in illegal activities, demonstrated history of non-compliances with the international standards that may harm AHAA’s reputation or certification status.

* Complaints

Complaints can be made to AHAA via the link below, email, letter or phone to your AHAA contact. When notifying AHAA of a complaint please provide all the details of the complaint and any evidence supporting your complaint. When a complaint is received, the AHAA Complaint Committee will be notified.  The committee team will handle the complaint through to completion. A full investigation will be completed.  You will be immediately notified when a decision is made.  If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint investigation and decision, you can appeal against the complaint decision made. Submission, investigation, and the decision on complaints shall not result in any discrimination against the Complainant by AHAA.


* Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint investigation and decision, you can appeal via the link below, email, letter or phone to your AHAA contact. The Appeal Committee will be notified and will manage the process.  Please provide evidence of:

  • The nature of the appeal
  • Evidence to support the appeal

The AppealCommittee will respond in writing acknowledging receipt of your appeal and arrange an independent review of your appeal. The review will include:

  • Interviewing relevant stakeholders
  • Reviewing all relevant documentation
  • Considering information provided by the person making the appeal
  • Considering any other relevant requirements, e.g. standard(s) or scheme requirements

Once the review is completed, the Appeal Committee will notify you in writing of the outcome of the appeal.

Appeal decisions are considered final by AHAA. If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal you have the right to contact the relevant accreditation body. Submission, investigation and the decision on appeals shall not result in any discrimination against the Appellant by AHAA.


* Suspension, and Withdrawal Or Cancellation Of Certificates

This instruction covers suspension procedures through withdrawal or cancellation of the certificate and revision of the register of certified clients for the identified products.

  • Grounds for action are brought to the attention of the National Halal Manager, who reviews the information and decides whether to proceed.
  • If the National Halal Manager decides to proceed, the certified client must reply to AHAA within fifteen days of receipt of letter.
  • If the National Halal Manager determines that the action or position contained in the certified client reply is satisfactory, he issues a letter stating this, and mails it to the certified client via registered mail.
  • If actions are required, due dates must be set and National Halal Manager must review the actions at those times to ensure that they are effectively completed in order to prevent suspension or cancellation.
  • If the certified client does not reply in fifteen days, if the reply is not satisfactory, or if the actions required are not effectively completed in the allowed time, the National Halal Manager determines whether to suspend or cancel certification.
  • If the decision is made to cancel certification, the Technical Manager is responsible for suspending the certified client or canceling the certified client from the Register of Certified client, advising the certified client by registered mail / courier, and publicizing the cancellation, if necessary.

The following reasons are considered grounds for suspension or cancellation:

  • Major non–conformance(s) or effective corrective action not implemented within a specified time period.
  • Improper use of the certificate, symbol, or logo not remedied to the satisfaction of AHAA
  • Certified client ceases to supply services of the certified quality for an extended period of time.
  • Certified client’s has persistently fails to meet any of the requirements for certification including requirements for the effectiveness.
  • Certified client fails to meet financial obligations to AHAA
  • Certified client makes a formal request to withdraw certification.
  • Infringement by the certified client of any contractual conditions between the certified client and AHAA
  • Certified client is unable or unwilling to ensure conformance to revisions of standards.
  • Existence of a serious complaint, or a large number of second or third party complaints, which indicate that the system is not being maintained.
  • Certified client does not allow periodic evaluation to be conducted at the required frequency



* Conditions for Suspension or Cancellation of Certified client

Subject to actions by the certified client, the following steps will be taken leading to possible suspension or cancellation of the certified client’s product certification:

  • Unless a reply is received to the letter accompanying notification within 15 days, certification will be suspended and a notification of suspension may be published at the discretion of AHAA
  • The certified client’s response to the accompanying letter will be reviewed and the proceedings may be put on hold while clarification is sought.
  • Where mutually agreed–upon corrective action is to be implemented, a time period for implementation will be specified and a review of the corrective action undertaken at the appointed time. This may be the subject of a special surveillance visit or of review of submitted objective evidence, at the discretion of AHAA Should the corrective action not be considered adequate or not be completed by the appointed time, certification will be automatically suspended.
  • In the case of serious circumstances, AHAA may invoke suspension during the period pending the implementation of corrective action.
  • Where suspension has been invoked, unless otherwise specified, the certified client must advise AHAA every 15 days of the current situation of corrective action. Failure to meet this requirement will result in cancellation of the certified client’s certification.
  • Where suspension has been invoked due to failure to conduct periodic evaluation, the certified client shall give justification for failure and offer suitable date. An additional day shall be added to routine periodic days. The date shall not be later than 15 months from last Evaluation. Failure to offer for Evaluation within 15 months shall result in cancellation of certification.
  • When corrective action to resolve the problem(s) taken by the certified client has been verified, certification will be resumed. The period of certification will not be revised to cover the period of suspension.
  • Cancellation of certification will be invoked where; following suspension of certification, the certified client fails to respond to AHAA communications within the 15 days grace period or fails to implement corrective action within the appointed time period.
  • In extreme circumstances AHAA may invoke the cancellation of certification with immediate effect without recourse to initial certification suspension.
  • Cancellation of certification will require the certified client to assume the status of non–approval and return all certification documentation to AHAA
  • Use of certification documents, symbols, or logos by the certified client following certification cancellation may result in legal action being taken against the certified client.
  • Re–approval after certification cancellation will be on the same basis, and follow the same process, as that of initial application for a new certified client. This will require a full assessment, with optional document review at the discretion of AHAA
  • The de–certification will be published as a separate list and will be available at the AHAA office and made available upon request.
  • The certified client has the right to appeal any decisions of AHAA and a copy of the appeals procedures will be made available upon request.
  • National Halal Manager shall remove the companies where the certificate has been cancelled. During suspension, suspension remark shall be placed in the registered of certified client.
  • The certified client files for all cancelled cases shall be archived for a period of 3 months and then destroyed.


* Refusing certification

Refusal of the certification is done in the following circumstances;

  • Client fails to submit the corrective actions within 60 days time frame from the date of evaluation,
  • Corrective actions submitted by the client are not satisfactory considering the non–conformities / observations,
  • Client fails to pay the required fees in the given time frame,
  • Client does not want to have certificate after completion of the assessment,
  • Objective evidence submitted during the evaluation found fake.

All the above reason will lead to refusal of product certification even after completion of the evaluation.
The National Halal Manager will takes decision on the refusal of certificate based on the above circumstances.
Details of refusal of the certificate are given to the client in the writing and show cause notice is submitted to the client for such incidence.
Client is requested to reapply in writing against the show cause notice.
The details of refusal of certificate are maintained in the client file and then file is closed.
The National Halal Manager maintains the list of refusal of the certificates. 
AHAA has the right to decline applications where the client demonstrated reasons, such as the client participating in illegal activities, having a history of repeated non-compliances with certification/product requirements, or similar client-related issues.


List of Suspend, Withdrawn or Refused Certification Clients

This will be available upon request.

List of Certified Clients

This will be available upon request.